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Fairy post #9: Great Forest Storytelling - Strathvea

Strathvea Peacock


Coming fairy tale ring event:

Great Forest Storytelling

We have a couple of spare rooms for guests wishing to stay overnight after Great Forest Storytelling at Strathvea Guest House, 755 Myers Creek Road, Healesville / Toolangi, Saturday 18th July.

Participants include Jackie Kerin, Lana Woolf, Toby Eccles, JJ Retailer of Tales, Cora Zon, Louisa John-Krol and Rachael Hammond.

Saturday has two storytelling sessions: family-friendly 2:30pm & evening 7:30pm. Each session is $15. Or $25 for both. This ticket fee is waived for overnight stayers. Reduced room rates apply for this weekend only: $130 to $165. You are welcome just to listen, or share a tale.

Enjoy fairy tales, songs, wonder stories, myths, poems, ballads, ditties, legends and other yarns by the fire in the beautiful 1920s ambiance of Strathvea Guest House, surrounded by tall trees of Toolangi in the Yarra Ranges, last refuge of the fairy possum.

The Fairy Possum is critically endangered

bird in Toolangi

For room bookings, directions or info on meal planning, Tel Strathvea: 5962 4109
Email Strathvea Guest House 
Copy me in so I can assist you with liaison: Louisa
Or request addition to the Great Forest Storytelling event page via my Facebook profile.
Toolangi Forest
Meet Moët, the Strathvea Watch Peacock

Following day, weather permitting, we go into the forest to explore trees and temperate rainforest gullies of the Toolangi Forest. Maybe have lunch at the Singing Gardens, where larrikin poet C. J. Dennis lived. We respect diverse needs as to how long you stay, whether you tuck in early with a book, commune with fairies or spin yarns all night by the fire. 

Welcome Fairies!

Other News:

Wonderwings Fairy Shop reunion - April 2015 at Myths & Legends Fairy Shop, Gisborne - was fabulous. My report of it entails a history of Wonderwings for which I'm still compiling imagery.

News from The Monash Fairy Tale Salon: our celebration of the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - part of Glen Eira Storytelling Festival, Caulfield, June 2015 - was, dare we say, wonderful, from cats to cards. My full fey report will follow soon with pictures.

Congratulations Belinda Calderone (of The Monash Fairy Tale Salon) on becoming President of the Australian Fairy Tale Society.

I was delighted to sing at the Australian Fairy Tale Society conference - Transformations: spinning straw into green and gold - at the NSW Writers Centre, Sydney on 21st June 2015. Every presentation inspired me, each in its own idiosyncratic way, from pantomime history to savvy subversion, quilting to glass-blowing. Great to meet authors, whose books I read over the next days: cheeky "Refugee Wolf" by T.D. Luong, and luminous "Hunter's Moon" (launched at the conference) by Sophie Masson. List of presenters, in order of programme booklet: Louisa John-Krol (me), Sophie Masson, Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario, Fiona Price, Jo Henwood, Susan Clancy, Catherine Snell, Eileen Haley, Jenni Cargill-Strong, Nike Sulway, Spike Deane and Belinda Calderone.

Fairy tale rings around Australia are delving into a reading list about Rapunzel. Thanks Jo Henwood for compiling this bibliography, and other AFTS members for supplementing it. Members can access these attachments from their inboxes. More fairy reports, reviews and interviews are on the way, now that I'm back from interstate travels & recordings.
Fey regards, Louisa

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