Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fairy post #27- Unicorns and other fey energy

Faerie News

Fae Magazine in the UK announced & pictured The Australian Fairy Tale Society's new ezine in its unicorn edition, timing with release of my song "Evander the Unicorn", which Fae's Editor Karen Kay has endorsed on Facebook. Over the moon our hemispheres are bunting, astride our steeds! Join us in feting (or shall we say fée-ting) one of my favourite creatures, the unicorn.

Read about The Three Wishes Faery Festival,
 unicorn meditations, spells, stories, fashion & folklore, and enjoy our equine music while reading - or riding!

“Evander the Unicorn” is free until October, in tribute to Fae Magazine 

Evander glides through my 
now in grooming.

Evander the Unicorn by illustrator Rachael Hammond

Chinese slipper - keep your tootsies warm while riding!
circus ponies from Bendigo Fair early 1970's

Knitted Peacock - courtesy Penny Clay

Meet one of Evander's friends... 
a peacock knitted by a fairy 
known to Penny Clay, 
Secretary of The Australian Fairy Tale Society. News from Penny: 
Longbeach Storybook Yarn Art Trail
10-31 2016 October
Celebrating Children's Week, Senior's Month 
& Mental Health Week

Who is the Paper Bag Princess?
Where can you begin
The Magic Faraway Tree Walk?
Visit the Facebook page of 
Chelsea Yarn Art and Crafters

Camellias at Castlemaine with Midland Hotel - by Claudia Barnett
photo taken prior to our Fairy Tale Ring meeting, Spring 2016

Fancy a trip to Wollongong? Gallop over to meet Australian designer icon Linda Jackson, a celebrated fae in our ring, at Wollongong Art Gallery for the opening 24th September...

Flamingo Park And Beyond...

...Or catch her exhibition of Flamingo Park And Beyond - boutique design of Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson in Bendigo's Visitor Centre, open every day until 6th September...

Miss Nellie Reflection - Luxville, courtesy of Erin McCuskey, Victorian Fairy Tale Ring
Or canter to Ballarat in our gold region, where Vic Fairy Tale Ring member 
Erin McCuskey, a film-maker & writer, is illuminating heritage with the ethereal magic of 
Luxville Dolls !!! Main portal to the land of Luxville
Ah-ha! Here is one dancing now... 

Erin McCuskey of Luxville & Vic Fairy Tale Ring

A trio of Luxfillian frogs? Is this what she is dancing to?

Current theme: The Frog King! 
What is a golden ball? 
Can we keep our promises? 
How do we feel about parental power?
Social mobility, anyone? 
To kiss or to slap?

12 Dancing Princesses by Katharine Cameron 1909
Next theme: 12 Dancing Princesses! 
When do we really come of age? 
Why does secrecy matter? 
Do you prefer red sequinned slippers, 
glass shoes or seven league boots?

Seems Faery magic can pluck off a nose, sing from a kettle, jingle the bells on a palfrey’s bridle, or pop out of a golden goose’s bottom... and a whole lot more mischief, magnificence and munificence. What does it mean for you? Share your ideas for future conversations via any of my networks along the fairy tale web :-) x Louisa John-Krol x

Beauty and the Beast by Katharine Pyle 1918
Join the Australian Fairy Tale Society to read our new Ezine. For only $25, member benefits include exclusive access to this resource along with reading lists & points to ponder about each fairy tale of study as it rides along, plus discounts to conferences, interdisciplinary networking across the nation & many other delights.

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