Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fairy post #30 - Fairy themes & dreams

Spring by Rachael Hammond

Faerie News

Fey pool inside fern, Dandenong Ranges, by Olaf Parusel
Four-leaf clover Spring 2016
found by Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario
Monash Fairy Tale Salon
Priscilla Hernandez
with Kantele

A Spanish-American faerie reunion

Spanish faerie diva Priscilla Hernandez performed in Faeriecon, Oregon, USA again this Spring (their Autumn), by invitation of Faerieworlds founder/harpist/singer Kelly Miller Lopez, of the mythic ethereal band Woodland (from blue Democrat state, Oregon). We can report that this was a spectacular reunion of fairies (in another blue Democrat state, Maryland), one of the last havens of progressive liberty. It's my dream to bring a troupe of these fey folk to Australia before this crone grows too creaky! Viva fey diva xxxxx

Deborah, Priscilla, Alan
at Faeriecon
in Maryland 2016

Faerie themes to explore...

Next themes of discussion for the Australian Fairy Tale Society are as follows:

Nov 2016:  Twelve Dancing Princesses
Feb 2017:   Sleeping Beauty
April 2017: The Goose Girl
July 2017:   Aladdin
Sept 2017:  The Handless Maiden
Nov 2017:   Snow White
Feb 2018:    Six Ravens
April 2018: The Firebird

Dulac, dilly-bag & homegrown Albertine
... what more could we wish for?
grown & gathered by Louisa John-Krol

Fairy Tale Ring Roses by Louisa John-Krol

At our Spring Fairy Tale Ring in Carlton, we discussed various Points to Ponder for the Twelve Dancing Princesses, heard original stories by Gabi and Patsy, welcomed new member Fionnuala and our president Catherine, and introduced a newcomer Melissa, who later joined...

Melissa Rose Melbourne

Australian ethereal designs by Melissa Rose Tonkin

member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society

Melissa Rose Tonkin at The Goblin Ball
In her right hand she holds her wand

Lizzy Rose in green gown by Melissa Rose

Website (Melissa Rose Melbourne)

Etsy (digital store, Melissa Rose Melbourne)

More about Melissa Rose with pictures coming soon!

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