Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fairy post #33 - Sleeping Beauty & Conference Call

Faerie News

Naomi Henderson & Wendy Rule

Nicholas Albanis
Congrats to trance-medieval duo Dandelion Wine and wiccan diva Wendy Rule on their successful Midsummer Faerie Ball, Dec 2016 in Melbourne. Here's a photo (above) of two powerful Australian faeries, Naomi and Wendy, and another of Nicholas Albanis (left) complete with wings, twirly mo & lute.

Congrats to Wonderwings doyen Anne Atkins and Dave Frendo on their joint exhibition opening in the Atrium, Federation Square; show rolls on into January. More info in previous blog post.

Feb 2017 Victorian Fairy Tale Ring explores Sleeping Beauty, theme of fourth issue of Australian Fairy Tale Society's member-exclusive ezine, due March. These antique illustrations (below) are in public domain. At least one hails from a book published in 1910, Sleeping Beauty and other Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault, illustrated by Edmund Dulac.

On 24th June 2017, swift on the heels of Midwinter Solstice, Australian Fairy Tale Society holds its fourth annual conference once again at Glen Eira Town Hall in Caulfield. Please visit the society's website for the Call for Presentations, which can be in any medium or field of expertise.

Here's a delightful illustration from a Japanese fairy tale entitled The Green Willow. I once read that willows are not such a pest as some ecologists assume. These river-lovers helpfully slow the flow of flood water, reducing erosion and giving reeds a chance to filter pollution.

'The Green Willow' - a Japanese fairy tale

Conjuring a joyful New Year for members of the Australian Fairy Tale Society and all its fairy tale rings, also for Storytelling Australia Victoria (& associated artists/friends such as JB Rowley, Claudette D'Cruz, Gael Cresp & Cora Zon), Story Wise, The Monash Fairy Tale Salon, Doc in Boots, Thang Dac Luong (Refugee Wolf), Australian fantasy authors including Sophie Masson & Kate Forsyth, Anne Atkins & the Wonderwings tribe, Myths & Legends Fairy Shop, Fantastical Fae Art, Golden Owl Events, Mithrael Dumais of Holistic Fairy Festivals, Jo Offe (Baki Boo) of Fable Workshop, Jenni Heinrich & family, Amanda Kube, Jo Dellit, Hive & Bee's Boutique Books, Ian Clarke (videographer), Pilgrim Arts, Spring Studio, Mad Cat Sound, Crustacean Creations (& families of all those studios), Dandelion Wine, Eden, Ikon, Brunswick Arranging, Silo String Quartet (Soundwood Strings), Peter & Kristine Allan, Liz Van Dort, CJ & Caroline, the Hatigans & O'Donovans, Ali Licciardello, Liz Martin, Louise MacDonald, Rad & The Women's Circus, Erika Charola, Fiona Price, Athenaeum Library, Melissa Rose Melbourne & friends, Peter Bach & former Monash colleagues, Anna Nonis & former Dandi High colleagues, Aneva, Zeinab & Soroush Yazdanfar, Maryam Shirdasht, Lizzy Rose, Wendy Rule, Pallasophia, Gaia's Garden, Spiral Dance, Kimberley Brown Graphic Design, Bronny Lloyd, Aphrodite Rose of The Mermaid Room, Greenman Grove, PAN, Spellbox, Jacobi Candle Co., Theodore Wohng, Writers Victoria, Zen House, The Listening Earth, Cheltenham Cat Rescue and other Australian organisations in our circle, also fey friends overseas such as Paradox Ethereal, Prikosnovenie, Projekt Records, Daemonia Nymphe, Stoa, Gor, Rajna, Arcana, Keltia, Yidneth, La Fantastique, Nehl Aëlin, Stella Maris, Carsten Agthe, Mathias Grassow, Dirk Schlömer, Rüdiger Gleisberg, Collection D'Arnell Andrea, Ataraxia, LaRoseNoire, Woodland, Faerieworlds, Imaginosis, World of Froud, The Sugar Beats, Trillian Green, Wheel of Wonder, The Rose Garden, Karl Delandsheere of Made by Karl web design, Craig Gidney, Ronlyn Domingue, Alan O'Connor, Charlie Hollis, Shawn Michel De Montaigne & Kyla Cardinalis, Fae Magazine and more. Hugs to our fairy-cats and John-Mathwin-Cincotta-Krol-Goss-Coman clans too. May 2017 be kind to you in every sense.

Australian Fairy Tale Society
Thank you Gypsy Thornton of Once Upon A Blog for decorating The Australian Fairy Tale Society's logo (right) with native flora for the season, and for superb ezine designs & conceptualisation this year.

Storytelling Australia Victoria
(formerly the Victorian Storytelling Guild)

Below is my emblem Blue Tree for music, writing, proof-reading, tutoring and fairy storytelling. Australian creative expressionist Karan Wicks designed the logo in the late 1990s, when I was between record companies (German, then French). It's abided as a symbol of independence, mingling our Celtic-European heritage with bushland of Australia, through Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The chalice represents vessels of creativity: the Arthurian grail, Ceridwen's cauldron, and the wellspring over which the Well Women, Norns or Muses preside, to name a few. The blue is a shimmering optical effect created by gum-trees due to their eucalyptus oil that's both nourishing and deadly. I'm interested in the interplay of light and shadow that haunts humanity's shared histories, myths, fairy tales and dreams.

Blue Tree Ethereal Arts

You can discover more of my ethereal music & faerielore here.

Fey regards,

Louisa John-Krol

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fairy post #32 - A Atkins, B Williamson, D Frendo

Faerie News

Fairy Queen Anne Atkins, and fellow artist Dave Frendo, are holding an exhibition at 'No Vacancy' gallery downstairs in the Atrium at Federation Square, Melbourne. Dave's array comprises collages and calendar, while Anne is showing 32 new paintings: mixed media on glass.
Anne Atkins at home, Fitzroy 2015
photo by Louisa John-Krol
Opening: Tuesday 20th December
6pm - 9pm

Anne Atkins

Anne Atkins is known to many of us as proprietor of the world's first fairy shop, Wonderwings, in the 90's. You can read Part One of my report about Wonderwings here.
Part Two is coming soon.

Australian Fairy Tale Society's ezine - 3rd issue is out!
To access this member-exclusive treat,
join AFTS for $25 here

Melbourne poet Bee Williamson has released her marvellous new collection of poems and images, Torment and SoulIt's been sheer joy to partake of the fruits of Bee's toil - writing the Introduction, by invitation - as well as hearing Bee and other lyrical souls read, sing and play. For those of you who don't yet know Bee Williamson's writing, drawing, or graphic design: if you're into eco-mysticism that sashays between harrowing honesty, whimsy and ecstasy, this is for you. Listeners of my music might like to know that Bee is the daughter of one of our brilliant longtime producers, Harry Williamson. 

Here is where to purchase Bee's book, Torment & Soul.

More of Bee's art, from her other exhibitions or books:

Broadly speaking, we all inhabit Melbourne's ethereal movement that includes explorations of esoteric, phantasmagoric, intercultural, transcendental, polytheist, magic-realist, Faerie/ fairytalish, fantastique, mythological, trance-medieval, psychedelic and Pre-Raphaelite currents.
xxx Louisa John-Krol xxx

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fairy post #31 - Letter For Liberty

A Letter For Liberty

Dear readers, listeners, friends and other curious elves,

The ancestors who sat in this chair made great
sacrifices for freedom & fairness.
I cherish their legacy.
Whilst my progressive values have long been discernible, I have so far favoured poetic over polemic approaches to artistic expression, focussing on esoteric, transcendent themes or metaphors. 

I've hoped my music and writing might be an oasis, a refuge from harshness, which doesn't mean being ‘away with the fairies’. By delving into imagination we reach deeper into shared humanity. Being enchanted is to fall in love with the world. 

Yet there are times when we need to defend our peace. Times when simply being peaceful is not enough. 

In December 2016, I wrote a Letter For Liberty that I posted in this space. I have subsequently moved it out of this fairy blog, and will be reposting it elsewhere. The reason is that there are many other artists involved in this fairy blog, including members of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, of which I became President a couple of months after writing the letter. The AFTS is not a political organisation. It's a non-profit, public charity representing people of diverse viewpoints. Moreover, some of the interviewees who appear here have jobs in senior public service positions that require them to exhibit impartiality online. As such - although there were no complaints or promptings from anyone - I decided that it would be responsible to keep this fairy blog as neutral as possible, and place my polemic Letter For Liberty at another location. Once it's posted, I'll place the link here.

Meanwhile, here are some remnant pictures to enjoy from that post! 

knowledge is true power
not post-truth

Princess Imprisoned
by H.J. Ford, 1906

German postcard, 1920s

"Come ye poor, I will lead you"
(my own ironic caption)
picture of King Thrushbeard
by Arthur Rackham, 1909

Wizard gift from Robert Gould & Stephanie Lostimolo
of Imaginosis / Faerieworlds, Oregon, USA
against backdrop of painting by Karan Wicks,
Australian creative-expressionist.
Ceramic 'Eye in the Whirlpool'
by a client (anon) of art teacher Belinda John
at the Peter Harcourt Centre, Bendigo,
in an exhibition by people with disabilities

Let us be spirited artists: creators of worlds in which artists thrive.

'Liberty Leading the People'
by  Eugène Delacroix, 1830
Let us remember that Liberty is a woman.

In fey vigour,

Louisa John-Krol


Saturday 3rd December 2016

Blue Tree by Karan Wicks

Tinderbox Dog, by Kay Nielsen, 1924
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