Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fairy post #32 - A Atkins, B Williamson, D Frendo

Faerie News

Fairy Queen Anne Atkins, and fellow artist Dave Frendo, are holding an exhibition at 'No Vacancy' gallery downstairs in the Atrium at Federation Square, Melbourne. Dave's array comprises collages and calendar, while Anne is showing 32 new paintings: mixed media on glass.
Anne Atkins at home, Fitzroy 2015
photo by Louisa John-Krol
Opening: Tuesday 20th December
6pm - 9pm

Anne Atkins

Anne Atkins is known to many of us as proprietor of the world's first fairy shop, Wonderwings, in the 90's. You can read Part One of my report about Wonderwings here.
Part Two is coming soon.

Australian Fairy Tale Society's ezine - 3rd issue is out!
To access this member-exclusive treat,
join AFTS for $25 here

Melbourne poet Bee Williamson has released her marvellous new collection of poems and images, Torment and SoulIt's been sheer joy to partake of the fruits of Bee's toil - writing the Introduction, by invitation - as well as hearing Bee and other lyrical souls read, sing and play. For those of you who don't yet know Bee Williamson's writing, drawing, or graphic design: if you're into eco-mysticism that sashays between harrowing honesty, whimsy and ecstasy, this is for you. Listeners of my music might like to know that Bee is the daughter of one of our brilliant longtime producers, Harry Williamson. 

Here is where to purchase Bee's book, Torment & Soul.

More of Bee's art, from her other exhibitions or books:

Broadly speaking, we all inhabit Melbourne's ethereal movement that includes explorations of esoteric, phantasmagoric, intercultural, transcendental, polytheist, magic-realist, Faerie/ fairytalish, fantastique, mythological, trance-medieval, psychedelic and Pre-Raphaelite currents.
xxx Louisa John-Krol xxx

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